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Animals Act 1971

Details, information and updates on the Animals Act
The Animals Act 1971 "An Act to make provision with respect to civil liability for damage done by animals and with respect to the protection of livestock from dogs; and for purposes connected with those matters.  [12th May 1971]"

25.06.08 - Early Day Motion - Animals Act 1971 (Amendment) Bill

An Early Day Motion brought by Paddy Tipping MP (Sherwood, Nottinghamshire) on 25 June 2008 calling on the Government to extend the scope of the draft Marine Bill to include the provisions of the Animals Act 1971 (Amendment) Bill was supported by 70 MPs (see the signatories).

The motion read “That this House recognises the support both within and without Parliament for the Animals Act (Amendment) Bill brought forward by the hon. Member for Preseli, Pembrokeshire; notes the unfairness resulting from the House of Lords' decision in the case of Mirvahedy versus Henley (2003) under which the keepers of animals can be held liable for incidents they could not have anticipated; supports the Bill's purpose to ensure the Animals Act 1971 adequately reflects Parliament's original intention; and calls on the Government to extend the scope of the draft Marine Bill to include the provisions of the Animals Act 1971 (Amendment) Bill."

Related Information – What’s an Early Day Motion?

Early day motions (EDMs) are formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons. However, very few EDMs are actually debated. Instead, they are used for reasons such as publicising the views of individual MPs, drawing attention to specific events or campaigns, and demonstrating the extent of parliamentary support for a particular cause or point of view.  An MP can add their signature to an EDM to show their support.

Further information on EDM procedure can be found in the Commons Information Office Factsheet Early Day Motions.


14.03.08 - MP's animal insurance bid fails

The Animals Act 1971 (Amendment) Bill failed to go further as fewer than the necessary 40 MPs were present. It was backed by 26 votes to one.  

Source: BBC News


14.03.08 - 2nd Reading / 05.12.07 - 1st Reading - Animals Act 1971 (Amendment) Bill 2007-08

A Private Members' Bill (Ballot Bill) introduced by Stephen Crabb

Summary of the Bill

The Bill aims to reduce the number of instances under the Animals Act 1971 when, following an accident involving certain types of animal, an owner of the animal is strictly liable (that is, liable to pay compensation regardless of whether there is any fault on the owner’s part).

The Bill was drafted in conjunction with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

14.03.08 – Transcript of 2nd Reading


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