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News May 2008

29 May

 INCIDENT   UK: Accidental death verdict on indoor cross country fall

A verdict of accidental death has been returned by the inquest into the tragic accident that claimed the life of 12 year-old Shannon Bloomfield at Milton Keynes Eventing Centre on 27 January.


18 May

 EVENTING   US:  Parents Sue Over Equestrian’s Death, Raising Safety Issues

The parents of a 17-year-old girl who died in a fall while competing in the Olympic equestrian sport of eventing have sued the sport’s governing body, her former trainer and others in a California court, claiming that the death was caused in part because the course was made more dangerous to make it more “thrilling” to spectators.

(Source: New York Times - 18 May 2008)


5 May

 INCIDENT   Hampshire – UK: Six hurt as horse bolts at crowd

Two people have sustained fractured ankles and a pregnant woman is being treated for shock after being hit by a bolting horse at a show in Hampshire.

(Source: BBC News Channel - 5 May 2008)

Additional reporting with pictures and video - Mail on Sunday (7 May 2008)


 RIDER PROTECTION   UK:  Spotlight falls on hats worn by hunt servants

The Master of Foxhounds Association is undertaking a safety review of the style of hats commonly worn by hunt servants.

(Source: Horse & Hound Online - 5 May 2008)


 FIRE   County Durham – UK:  Animal deaths blamed on arsonists

A fire in which a large number of animals were killed, is being treated as arson, police have confirmed.

(Source: BBC News Channel - 5 May 2008)


2 May

  CLIMATE    Latest climate forecasts show decrease in summer rainfall

Results from the latest techniques in climate change forecasting, published by the Royal Society, indicate that average summer rainfall for northern Europe could decrease by between 5 and 20 per cent by the end of the century.  The findings use Met Office Hadley Centre climate simulations in a multiple model ensemble.

It is thanks to multiple model ensembles that climate scientists will be able to provide a more systematic risk assessment of projected climate change. The ultimate aim is to generate detailed probabilities for a range of possible changes in climate, designed to give more information on the possible uncertainties in future climate.  Dr James Murphy, Head of Climate Prediction at the Met Office, who pioneered this work, said: "The science of probabilistic and ensemble climate prediction is still rather young but is growing quickly. Today’s results are a step forward, but the numbers should be regarded as preliminary”.  The Met Office Hadley Centre model suggests that although it is very likely that overall summers will become drier, it is likely that summer showers will become heavier.

(Source: Met Office - 2 May 2008)

See also the Riding Safely risk register


 WELFARE   Worcestershire – UK:  Horse cruelty woman banned for five years

A Woman has been banned from keeping horses or ponies for five years after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a chestnut mare.

(Source: Stourbridge News - 2 May 2008)


1 May

 INDUSTRY   ILPH announces new name   

The International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) has announced that from 1 May 2008 it will be known as  ‘World Horse Welfare’. 


 ROAD SAFETY   Arbroath – Scotland – UK:  Kristi's escape after being thrown from horse

A YOUNG rider from Rowanlea Riding School, Barry had a lucky escape last Monday when she was thrown from her horse on the busy Barry to Monifieth road, after a fast-moving vehicle startled the horse.

(Source: Guide and Gazette - 1 May 2008)

Report a UK riding road accident to the British Horse Society


 RIDER PROTECTION   Panama City – FL – USA:  Compulsory riding hats for under 16’s a step nearer    Lawmakers passed a bill that requires children under the age of 16 to wear a helmet when they ride a horse on public property - a public road or right of way, a public trail or school property, and when they receive riding lessons.  The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

(Source: WMBB -TV – 30 April 2008)


  FINALLY...   Aboyne  – Scotland – UK:  Britain's tallest horse finds love

It is not easy to find love when you are the biggest in Great Britain, but for nine feet high Clydesdale horse Digger, most lady horses just came up short. It may have been a tall order but now the World Horse Welfare resident at Aboyne, in Aberdeenshire, has finally found his perfect partner.

(Source: stv.tv - 1 May 2008)


Consultations, Reviews, Research & Surveys

  UK: 3 - 4 June - Two-day Animal Rescue Conference

The animal rescue community will come together for an international conference hosted by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service in Lyndhurst, Hampshire .   A valuable forum for the benefit of animal welfare, the two-day conference promises lively debate on the animal rescue issues of the day.

  UK: From 10 June - Police horses in the television spotlight

A major new documentary series will give people an exclusive look behind the scenes of Greater Manchester Police Mounted Unit. The 13-part series will show what it takes to keep officers in the saddle and patrolling the streets of Greater Manchester. After 18 months of filming, 'Mounted Branch' will be screened exclusively on Animal Planet channel (Sky 525) from June 10.

   World Horse Welfare (formerly ILPH) 'Make a Noise' campaign

  09/06/08  Utah State University is conducting a survey of injury rates in equestrian activities. Your feedback is wanted to determine whether the amended questions are suitable to enable a parallel survey to be conducted in the UK.
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