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Removed Story

Story 1
Waiting to hear from CL - Apparently a “retraction” was demanded of the Scotsman for publication of their article.
Potential accompanying text if no retraction or other action. 
"Riding Safely has received some important information relating to the following report.  The case went to Court but was then adjourned.  It was not reconvened for about five months and was settled out of court for an unconfirmed amount just before the second session.  This information should be borne in mind when reading the report."

12,500 damages for man who broke arm in horse fall

A riding school has been ordered to pay damages to a pupil who was thrown from his horse on an executive day out.

Read more from news.scotsman.com (21 November 2006) at http://news.scotsman.com/edinburgh.cfm?id=1724642006


This report originally appeared in the November & December 2006 Riding Safely News Digest.  The same report was posted to the Horse & Hound Forum and has been one of the hottest subjects ever debated with over 3000 views and over 100 replies.  Equestrian opinion was split over both the scale of the payout and the surrounding circumstances. 

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