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Riding Safely

What this site can offer you......

Riding is about enjoyment.  But increasingly for a whole range of reasons people are becoming concerned about the impact of health and safety.  Let's make sure that health and safety doesn't get in the way of our enjoyment of riding activities.  Rather, let's use it to protect ourselves, our horses, our businesses and our assets.

Find out more about the editor of Riding Safely and the reasons for creating this site.

This site is designed so that it's easy for you to find what you want quickly and easily.  It doesn't contain many pictures or graphics to ensure that pages download rapidly.


Take just a minute to get the most out of this site by finding out what you can expect to find in each section.


Home is the homepage and is the entrance to this site.  It will always carry a link to the latest equestrian safety news headlines.  I'll be updating regularly so this is the place to look for up to date news.


News will keep you updated with the latest equestrian safety news and the latest additions to this site.

The News archive containing previous news items is available through a link at the bottom of the News page.


Risk Assessment is the fundamental philosophy on which this site is built.  Let this section demystify what we all do automatically each day and help you to think risk assessment on your feet to help you be safer in all your equestrian activities.


For Everyone is the area that will provide general information and advice for all equestrians.  Here, amongst others, you'll find topics such as protective clothing for horse and rider.  "Informative" is the key word in this section. The aim is to provide you with the best information to enable you to make informed choices and decisions.


For Businesses is where equestrian businesses can find information and tools to enable them to stay safe and comply with UK law.


Strategy is where you can find out about the first ever strategy for the horse industry in England and Wales, launched on the 6th December 2005, which sets out a vision of where the industry aspires to be within ten years, how the different parts of the industry fit into this picture, and how the Government can help it in following this path.


For Waxed Jackets what on earth? you may ask.  Other sites might call it "anoraks" corner.  It's the area where you'll find more in-depth information often supporting the headlines in the news section.  Useful for those who have a professional interest in equestrian safety or those who simply want to learn more.


Forum  is where you can ask a question or comment.


Search is where you can search the whole site by word or topic.

Please do contact Riding Safely as your help is needed and will be appreciated by many.

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