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Okay....so other websites may call it "anoraks corner", but come on it does need an equestrian flavour! 

This page contains in depth reference information and resources that are used to inform (but are not necessarily included in) the content of the published pages of Riding Safely.  It may be of interest to students, those with a deeper professional safety interest or to those who simply want to learn more!
Note: some of these documents are in the form of PDF files, which can be viewed with the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® available free.  Document download times over a 56kps dial-up connection may take up to 10 minutes for 100 pages+.

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Farmwise - Your essential guide to health and safety in agriculture HSE MISC165

HSE has developed this free interactive software to help farmers carry out a comprehensive health and safety assessment of their farms and to raise the levels of health and safety awareness in the industry. It is aimed at all farmers (regardless of whether you employ anyone) and farm managers who are responsible for health and safety.


The American Medical Equestrian Association/Safe Riders Foundation is dedicated to the philosophy, principles and application of safety of people in equestrian activities. This purpose is achieved through education, research, resource and assistance.
EDUCATION of healthcare professionals, organizational representatives and individuals including emphasis on public awareness;
RESEARCH to better define injury patterns and risks, efficacy of safety measures and equipment, and assistance in equipment design;
A RESOURCE of experience and expertise to be shared and utilized for the benefit of equestrian safety.
ASSISTANCE to riders injured in any equestrian activity.
Check out the News Section
Equine Law and Horsemanship Safety - A resource for horsemen, lawyers and law students.  This site contains comprehensive resource materials on equine law and horsemanship safety. It is hosted by the Tarlton Law Library of the University of Texas School of Law.  Both the legal and horsemanship materials are suitable for use by law students, lawyers, and the general public. 


Animal Welfare
Find out more about the Animal Welfare Bill and how under proposed secondary legislation Livery Yards would, for the first time, have to be licenced.  Also find out more about the

Animal Health & Welfare Strategy for Great Britain.

6 June 2005 - New Animal Health and Welfare Advisory Group Appointed - An independent group has been appointed to advise government on implementing the new Animal Health and Welfare Strategy. 


Find out more about how Australia, which has already suffered many of the safety isssues currently being exprienced in the UK, has come up with solutions.


Eqitector - safety riding boots


Charity and Voluntary Workers
Does Health and Safety legislation apply to volunteers working for charities? - HSE advice
1. Text of the Promotion of Volunteering Bill, as introduced in the House of Commons on 7th January 2004.
2. Promotion of Volunteering Bill, as amended - Amendments to be debated in the House of Commons.
3. Debate in the House of Commons 16 July 2004 - Hansard Transcript (note - at the end of each page click on the link to "next section".  There are several pages of amendments before reaching the debate which was 3 hours+).


Child Protection

The Protection of Children Act 1999: A Practical Guide to the Act for all Organisations Working with Children

"We have not set out in this guidance simply to reproduce the words contained in the Act itself or in its accompanying Explanatory Memorandum and Regulations. Rather, we have tried to make the guidance as practical as possible. We hope therefore that it is written in a style which will enable all organisations to understand what this Act achieves and how its provisions impact on them and how, when properly applied, these provisions will significantly add to the protection of children."  John Hutton – Minister of State

Computer software to help Equestrian Centres
Computer software designed specifically for equestrian centres that may assist with day to day and longer term business management is available.
The Data Protection Act and The Freedom of Information Act
The Information Commissioner's Office provides information on The Data Protection Act (including the requirement to register) and The Freedom of Information Act.
Further information on The Freedom of Information Act:
Guidance on the Act from the Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA)
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have a Freedom of Information (FOI) website which provides the means for the public to access information as it becomes available and request information not already published.
Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
Department for Work and Pensions advice for Employers and Service Providers
Find out more about the legal requirements
Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety and You (published by HSE - INDG231 - reprinted 11/03)
Environmental Issues

Environment Agency guidance for stables and liveries

"Defra to impose muck heap fees" Horse & Hound Article (28 April 2005)

The Waste Management Licensing (England and Wales) (Amendment and Related Provisions) Regulations 2005 - Statutory Instrument 2005 No. 883



Fire Safety - an Employer's Guide - published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 

The Arson Prevention Beareau provides guidance on Reducing the risks of Arson attacks on Farms and the Countryside

The British Horse Society book, Guidelines for Fire Safety in Equine & Agricultural Premises, launched November 2004.

The Economic Cost of Fire: Estimates for 2003 - published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 

Avoiding the risk of fire - Horse & Hound article - 24 March 2005

Cheshire Fire Service and the British Horse Society's Stable Safe scheme

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) fireworks campaign homepage 
Health and Safety Regulation - Statutory Instruments



Horse Industry specific Health & Safety Guidlines

The British Horseracing Board has published the third edition of the manual “Health and Safety in the Racing and Breeding Industry”.

(109 pages - published 31 August 2004)
Horse Industry Joint Research & Strategy
(Published by Defra (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) March 2004)
Find out more from Defra about the Strategy for the Horse Industry Strategy in England and Wales
Compensation Culture: Exploding the Urban Myth
The Better Regulation Task Force report "Better Routes to Redress" looks at the controversial issue of the "compensation culture" in the UK. The report considers how those with a genuine grievance can secure appropriate redress efficiently and effectively, whilst ensuring the system is not clogged up by spurious claims.
(48 pages - published May 2004)
Improvement in Liability Insurance Markets
Press Release 23 June 2005 - The liability insurance markets are showing improvement according to a follow-up study published by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).
Low Flying Military Aircraft
The "Stop Lowflying -- give us back our countryside" campaign details >>> 
Magazines & Periodicals
Ragwort is an injurious weed that causes liver failure and death to animals that consume it.
Find out more from the BHS and Defra
Risk Management
Organising a show? The BSJA risk assessment may provide some help.
The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have produce guidance - Living with risk - Risk management and insurance advice for the voluntary and community sector

Road Safety and Bridleways

Bridleways and Quiet Lanes - www.bridleways.co.uk 
Provides an internet based database of national routes suitable for horse riders. These routes take advantage of bridleways and quiet lanes throughout the UK and are accessible to the entire equine community.


Safety Culture
HSC - A strategy for workplace health and safety in Great Britain to 2010 and beyond. The strategy is designed to promote HSC's vision: to see health and safety as a cornerstone of a civilised society and, with that, to achieve a record of workplace health and safety that leads the world.
The Health and Safety Executive commissioned this research to identify the barriers to worker involvement in health and safety activities in the workplace and identify the types of incentives that would encourage greater participation.

For whatever reason you're making a trip, spending a little time on the planning of your journey can save time and make things safer for you and your horse. 
An easy way to plan your route is by using The AA Route Planner.
Online maps are available from Multimap, Streetmap, The Ordanance Survey and Google.  The Google Maps have the additional advantage of being able to search for any goods or services along your route.  So finding a petrol station, restaurant, bank or even saddlers is easy!
Of course you may want to check out the anticipated weather conditions in advance by visting the Met Office or the BBC Weather Centre.
Finally help is at hand from the Highways Agency with Traffic England, a website that gives real time traffic information on all major routes (if you have time to check before you leave on your journey), but more importantly details of impending roadworks when planning your journey.  Real time traffic information is also available from Vauxhall - TrafficNet.



Equine Industry Welfare Guidelines Compendium

(45 pages - published 21 March 2002)

Find out more about why the Guidelines were produced >>> 


Working Horses in Harness
This leaflet covers the extraction of timber using horse and chains (snigging), or horse and simple skidding units and forwarders in forestry and other tree work. You can use this leaflet, as part of the risk assessment process to help identify the controls to put in place when using horses in a woodland environment.

Reports are published which pull together data on the prevalence of zoonoses in humans, animals and food. It is hoped that this will be especially useful to the professionals who deal with zoonotic diseases. The reports also seeks to give the non-specialist an insight into zoonoses, their prevalence and importance.

(Source: defra)


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