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Risk Assessment

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Horse and rider jumping spiked palings/barbed wire

Assessing and controlling risks is something we all do many times each day.  So why the mystery about it? 
Risk assessment is so fundamentally important in preventing accidents that it's been given it's own section. Getting everyone to think risk assessment on their feet can and does prevent accidents.
The picture on the homepage or on the left may have attracted you here.  Riding Safely has received comments from some of you of  "dangerous" - which demonstrates how quickly we can all make an assessment of risk. 
In this section "risk assessment" will be demystified, looking at how we all, whether we realise it or not, use risk assessment as a practical tool to prevent everyday accidents.  
Exactly the same steps in assessing risks are taken by those who work in the horse industry; the self-employed, employers and their employees. Health and safety law places additional requirements on these groups and Riding Safely will be looking at what they have to do to comply with the law.

Here Riding Safely will be providing a simple approach to help you understand and practice risk assessment specifically tailored to equestrian activities.
In the meantime see the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidance

Risk Assessment in the news

24 June 2008

 HSE   UK: Video - Health and Safety Minister Lord McKenzie at the risk assessment campaign launch event

At the campaign launch event on 24 June, Health and Safety Minister Lord McKenzie outlined the aims and outputs of the European Campaign on risk assessment that will run over a two year period.

Source: Health And Safety Executive (HSE)


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