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Riding Safely

Riding Safely? 

Welcome to Riding Safely, the UK based free subscription newsletter aimed at improving equestrian safety.  Whether you're an occasional recreational rider or full-time professional, Riding Safely is for you.


Riding is a risk sport, isn't it?  Yes, that's true.  We all know that there are inherent risks with riding or simply being around horses.  But often we can minimise and control many of the risks.  Safety needs to be kept in perspective and rather than "health & safety" preventing us from doing things, Riding Safely looks at how we can do things safely. 


Riding Safely brings you up-to-date news, information and articles focussing on equestrian health,safety and welfare related topics.


We have "Essentials" pages ranging from help for everyone involved with horses, through to more specific help for horse owners and keepers,  businesses and students.


If you're a business Riding Safely identifies the "tools" that already exist to help you manage safety more easily. 


Safety isn't the most exciting subject in the world, but when you need to know something related to equestrian safety Riding Safely is the place to come! 

But Riding Safely needs your help too. Please contibute by sharing your own experiences and ideas through this site to help others. 
If it's your first visit here do find out more about how this site can help you.

Do contact Riding Safely to contribute articles, ideas or to comment. Riding Safely continually updates and publishes a digest of all the equestrian safety news stories to subscribers bi-monthly, so become a subscriber for free now!

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Horse jumping spiked palings with barbed wire

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