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BETA Body Protector Survey

BETA Survey Highlights Body Protector Issues

THE BETA-led campaign to improve safety standards throughout the equestrian world has reinforced concern voiced over wearing body protectors that are more than 10-years-old.


A survey launched earlier this year, has met with an excellent response with a number of key findings highlighting the problems that can arise from wearing out of date body protectors.


From the respondents it was found that more than 25 per cent were wearing body protectors which had been bought before 1994, all of whom indicated that they were ill fitting and uncomfortable.


The statistics showed clearly that the older the body protector, the more likely the riders were to be dissatisfied with the comfort, fit and level of protection offered.


BETA Executive Director and Secretary Claire Williams said: “We are pleased to have received such a good response to the survey.


“There has been a definite shift in the market over the last few years with riders recognising the importance of having an up to standard body protector, renewing every few years, or after a fall, and ensuring they fit well.


“We are also very pleased that the message on how important it is to have your body protector fitted appears to have reached home with by far the majority of riders only making their choice after a fitting.”


The survey revealed that just 15% of respondents failed to have their body protector fitted on purchase but when fitted most were very pleased with the level of comfort.


68% said the fitting was very important and one of the most commonly raised issues by those who found the garment they wore to be uncomfortable was that of the length of the body protector.


When looking at activities where body protectors are worn, 36% always wore them when jumping.


Many of the respondents who had been involved in accidents wearing an up to date garment cited comments from their specialists vouching for the role that the body protector had played in limiting the severity of the injuries suffered.


From the information gathered the association will be able to produce statistics and case studies on incidents where body protectors have (and have not) been involved.  This is vital in ensuring the continued development of body protectors and will assist in promoting the use of the garments to the wider riding public.


Anyone wanting to complete the questionnaire should log on to the BETA Website

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