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Riding Safely

The purpose of the research

We asked The Henley Centre to do three things.

1 To identify all the parts which make up the industry and show how each

part contributes to the success of the whole.


2 To identify all currently available sources of information on the horse

industry, assessing how reliable each piece of information is and making

suggestions for filling the most significant gaps in our knowledge.2


3 By listening to the views of a wide variety of people involved with horses,

to identify the most important issues which need to be addressed in the

proposed long term industry strategy.


2We did not ask the researchers to do primary research (in other words, where information was not currently available we did not ask them to generate that information). That would have been a much larger task and would have taken many more months to complete.

Defra and the British Horse Industry Confederation
Joint research on the horse industry in Great Britain
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