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Utah State University Equine Injuries Survey

Utah State University is conducting a survey of injury rates in equestrian activities...
There is the potential to run a survey in the UK and possibly across another continent in parallel with the main survey.  However while the questions need to remain roughly the same to enable comparison between continents, some of the teminology/language in the questions needs changing.  This is to ensure relevence in the particular country where the survey is being conducted.

click here to download the questions modified for the UK

Your feedback is welcomed on whether you feel that these ameded questions are suitable and complete for the UK and Ireland.
Please send any feedback to ridingsafelyuk@yahoo.co.uk
More about the survey

Utah State University is conducting a survey of injury rates in equestrian activities.  As a part of the Nationwide Extension system, the University of Maryland hopes that you will take the time to participate in this survey.  YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO PARTICIPATE.  They would like to evaluate if there are some very typical injuries associated with horse activities.  If you complete the survey please be as complete as possible about your injuries on question 17.  There is also additional space at the end of that question if you had multiple injuries to the same area.  They would really appreciate your help in gathering this information.

This survey is anonymous and information will be used as group information.


Participants Rights


Pat Evans, Utah State University Extension Equine Specialist and several other Universities are doing a study to research human injuries suffered due to horse activities. 


If you agree to participate please click on the link provided to fill out the survey which will take approximately 10 minutes of your time.

Your responses are anonymous.  No personal identifiable information will ever be
collected.  Please do not put your name on any of the evaluations or surveys.  The researchers may use this information to develop publication information on this topic.  The final report will be a summary of the group information as a whole.

There is minimal risk in participating in this study. The information we gain may help us better understand common injuries suffered when involved in horse activities, which activities are more prone to injuries and possible ways to avoid injury.  If you have any questions you may contact Pat Evans at (435) 797-2142.

USU has an Institutional Review Board for the protection of participants in research.  They have approved this study and you may contact them if you have any questions about your rights at (435) 797-1821.  Thank you for your help in this survey.


Click HERE to take the survey.

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