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News October 2008
Welcome back...

Welcome to the new-style Riding Safely newsletter!   We've been going for just over four years, so we decided to change the format.   If you've missed us in your Inbox lately, that's because we wanted to get it right.   Meanwhile we've gone on producing monthly reports, and you can catch up with them on the Past News page.   But if you're pressed for time, we'll still be bringing you up to date on the key news reports of 2008.

We now report on more global issues - health, safety and welfare are common issues wherever you are.   Other countries have much to share in this respect, and Riding Safely will be bringing you all we've learned from them.   And on that score, we'd like to welcome our new subscribers from around the world, particularly those in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Over the coming months there's still a lot to do to finish updating the Riding Safely website.   We're here to promote and improve equestrian and equine health, safety and welfare.   But we need your help.   If there's something you'd like to see covered, or an area where you'd like to see more emphasis, let us know!   The same goes if you'd like us to publicise an event or a campaign, or you need help with research, or have any comments.   Your input is vital.   Have we got our information right?   Could it be better?   Would you like to contribute?   Feel free to chip in by emailing editor.ridingsafelyuk@yahoo.co.uk

Remember, we don't just report the news.   We try to provide solutions as well.   Hopefully, together we can make the horse world a better place for everyone, including our equine friends.


Important News for the month

Dark winter months are attractive times for arsonists to strike.  Over the past month we've seen two suspected attacks.  Go to our  FIRE  section to find out how to protect your premises from arson while picking up winter fire prevention tips from equestrian fire specialist Harry Paviour.



Highly respected, leading FEI vet Bob Baskerville is at home recovering after surgery following a kick from a sedated thoroughbred.  Speaking to Horse & Hound he said: "I consider myself to be very lucky this time, but would like to remind everyone not to become complacent when working around horses — especially their feet".  I'd like to wish Bob a very speedy recovery.  Leaving aside his particular case, I'd echo his thoughts.  Riders, owner riders and professionals sometimes become complacent around our four-legged friends.  There are many reasons for the unfortunate accidents that happen to our horses and riders.  Let's make sure that complacency isn't one of them.


Ken Law



Your Right of Reply

You can comment on any of the items in this edition by using the Forum or or by contacting the Editor at editor.ridingsafelyuk@yahoo.co.uk

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