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Tip of the Month - July/August 2004

July/August 2004
Give me sunshine......
Yes, summer is finally upon us.  Equestrianism is principally about being outdoors, so anyone involved, particularly those who work in the industry are likely to have a greater exposure to the sun than the majority of the UK population.  I don't like stark warnings, but I don't want you to be one of the 40,000 new cases diagnosed or one of the 2000 people who die of skin cancer in the UK each year.  This month, I was going to write something about protection against the risks of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, but the latest Health & Safety Executive bulletin Skin at work: Outdoor workers and sun exposure   has already done the job for me!
Australia are  well versed in protection against the sun and something that we don't always take into account here -- heat stress.  These topics are covered in their industry code of practice* (sections 13/14)
I want everyone to enjoy this good weather and the sunshine - try to introduce some sensible precautions so that you can enjoy it safely!

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