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Riding Safely

"Tip of the Month - June 2004"

June 2004
I recently heard anecdotally about someone working on a yard who got into serious difficulties in a stable.  Her screams for help went unheard because the "yard" radio was incredibly loud with the volume control cranked up to maximum.  I thought no more of this until I was tacking up horse in a stable at a large well-known BHS riding school.  Within the area of the stable block was a "yard" radio with the volume cranked up to maximum.  I didn't have a problem, but if I did my calls for help probably wouldn't be heard over the high noise from the radio. 
If you do have a radio on your yard it's sensible to ensure
  • the volume is kept to a level where people shouting on the yard can be heard
  • if it's a mains powered radio it's in a location away from the weather, water and animals
  • that its casing and mains lead in good condition and not damaged

The above information provides a practical solution.

In reality, the person in charge of the yard or premises will need to assess the risk and decide whether radios are acceptable and where and under what circumstances they may be used.  They must make it clear to employees/clients that mains powered electrical equipment cannot be brought on to their premises and used without their prior agreement.  The safety policy must outline the arrangements for portable electrical equipment (anything with a plug and cable that can easily be moved around) and include details of how the equipment will be maintained to ensure it is safe; achieved through "testing and inspection".  This of course applies to portable radios.

In the next few months, I'll be explaining the requirements relating to electrical safety and what you have to do.......

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