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2010 News

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News 2010
  KEY HEADLINES    02/10/10 – Devon - UK: Police appeal for witnesses after tragic fall        UK: Latest DEFRA / AHT / BEVA Equine Quarterly Disease Surveillance Report       
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Remember, unlike many other journals we don't just report the news.  Where possible, we investigate issues and provide answers.   Hopefully, together we can make the horse world a better place for everyone, including our equine friends.


Important News over the period
January 2010 - With what is being reported the worst snow and cold weather for over 30 years we have a special report to help horse owners and keepers ensure the welfare of their horses whilst keeping themselves and premises safe. 


Coming soon...


Ken Law



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20/03/10 – Scotland:  Calls to ban hot branding get mixed reaction

Calls to ban hot branding in Scotland have been met with mixed reactions, with supporters claiming hot branding has been unfairly targeted.

Source: Horse & Hound      


02/10/10 - Devon - UK: Tributes to grandmother and shopkeeper who died in fall from horse

Tributes have been paid to a popular shopkeeper who has died in a tragic accident after falling from her horse.

Grandmother-of-four Gillian Ashley, 60, was discovered by holidaymakers lying on a track in Beer, East Devon, a short distance from her unmounted horse.

Police say Mrs Ashley – who owned Beer Village Store – suffered a fractured spine in the accident on Thursday.

They are now appealing for witnesses to come forward with any information as to what caused the accident or could have alarmed the horse. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Police on 08452 777 444, quoting log number 428 300910.

Source:  This is Plymouth


16/03/10 – Warwickshire - UK: Horse killed after being thrown from trailer on motorway

A horse was killed on the M40 motorway after being thrown into oncoming traffic after its trailer jack-knifed flinging the rear ramp open.

The accident happened on the way home from an evening competition when a van swerved in front of the Nissan pick-up truck towing a trailer with two horses.

Source: Horse & Hound       See also comment in the Horse & Hound Forum 


23/03/10 - Hampshire - UK: One horse dies and another suffers severe burns in stable fire
A horse rug was melted onto the back of a surviving Welsh cob by the heat of a stable fire, while his companion was killed.

Source: Horse and Hound


20/03/10 - FEI will train officials to improve eventing safety

Eventing officials from developing nations will be paired with counterparts from top eventing nations to learn good safety practice in a new training programme launched by the International Equestrian Federation.

Source: Horse & Hound    


11/01/10 - United States Eventing Association:  VIDEO: Dr. David Marlin - Leg Protection for the Event Horse

At the 2009 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention, British Equine Scientist Dr. David Marlin delivered three well-attended presentations, one of which addressed leg protection and the research done on cross-country boots. He explained about the risks event horses face, most specifically to the lower forelegs and the superficial digital flexor tendon, when substandard boots are used.

Watch the video presentation (full screen recommended)


UK: The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) job is to protect people against risks to health or safety arising out of work activities.  They do this through research, information and advice, promoting training, new or revised regulations and codes of practice, inspection, investigation and enforcement.

HSE Myth of the month – October 2010

Myth: Coming soon...

The reality


Go to the HSE’s Myth of the month homepage

Get free leaflets from the HSE - Clear and simple advice on a range of health and safety issues

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Safety Products new to the Market 
Riding Safely is always pleased to publicise new  products to the market that appear to be of merit with the potential to improve equestrian safety. Please see our important information.
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03/10/10- UK: Equine charity the Horse Trust's hay bill nears 25,000

Equine charities are the latest to face massive feed bills due to poor crops of hay

Source: Horse & Hound      


Check out the latest local, national and international weather forecasts from the Met Office


UK: Get detailed weather forecasts for where you live (by postcode)

Defra/AHT/BEVA quarterly disease report

UK: DEFRA / AHT / BEVA Equine Quarterly Disease Surveillance Report - Volume 6, No.2: April – June 2010 (Latest)

Highlights in this issue:

• EVA and EIA outbreaks in the UK

• Overview and new approaches to EVA control

• Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) in non-Thoroughbreds in mainland Europe


Strangles Campaign

Breaking the Strangles hold - Update

In February 2007, the Animal Health Trust (AHT) and British Horse Society (BHS) launched a nationwide Strangles Campaign.  There were two aims; the first was to raise awareness of the disease, and the second was to gain support for the research programme.

The target was to raise 250,000 to fund research into the next stages of the development of improved means of diagnosis and prevention – ultimately to eradicate this terrible disease.

The campaign was launched by the President of the AHT, HRH The Princess Royal, at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

The ‘Breaking the Strangles Hold’ campaign reached its fundraising target of 250,000 in just two years, demonstrating how important, to horse owners, getting to grips with this terrible disease is. 

By 2008, money donated from the general public, along with funding from The Horse Trust, allowed scientists at the AHT to develop a diagnostic blood test to screen for exposure to the infection. Since then more than 6,700 samples have been tested and many new outbreaks averted. 

The success of this diagnostic work has attracted further funding from the Wellcome Trust in the form of a Translation Award, the first of its kind to be awarded to a veterinary project. The award of more than 580,000, will enable our scientists to develop another diagnostic test that detects minute quantities of DNA specific to the strangles bug. Their goal is to reduce the time taken to diagnose the disease and ultimately produce a point-of-care test that vets can use on site to get a diagnosis in 30 minutes. Earlier diagnosis will allow owners to isolate horses sooner and minimise the spread of infection.

For more information about Strangles and the campaign visit www.strangles.org

World Horse Welfare (formerly ILPH) 'Make a Noise' campaign


Our Essentials pages are currently being updated, but once completed will provided essential health, safety and welfare information for:


  Horse Owners and Keepers




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