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2011 News

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News 2011

Important News over the period

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No one likes an accident. Those featured in this section come from media sources and often lack detail of the complete circumstances. Even so, by being aware of past accidents may help to prevent similar accidents occurring in the future.


The most common cause of multiple deaths and injuries to horses is fire.
Many stable fires are entiely preventble.
Click on the "Fire" link above to see what you can do to prevent a fire at your yard.
In 2011...
 2   Equestrian related fires     
 0   Suspected or confirmed cases of arson     
 6   Horses seriously injured or killed
If you know differently let us know

12/03/11- Udhagamandalam - India:  Fire at Ooty race course, horses safe

A fire that broke out in a shed filled with hay adjacent to the stables at Ooty race course is thought to have been started by a cigarette. 
"Although the shed was damaged, it is fortunate that none of the horses were injured", said fire station officer T Purushotaman.

Source: The Times of India


14/02/11- Cypress - Texas - USA: Intense Texas Barn Fire Claims Six Horses

Source: click2houston.com 


Details of legal updates and cases...


UK - London: Free Legal Seminars and Equine Law Newsletters

Hardwicke is a barristers’ chambers with a niche area of expertise in Equine Law.  They've been running seminarsover the past year covering the legal liabilities of horse ownership. We attended the London Seminar in May 2011 and those attending described it as "really helpful".  We'll keep you updated through our Diary Dates section of any future seminars.  In Addition the Hardwicke's Equine Legal Team have produced two newsletters; 

Read Issue 1

Read Issue 2


Find out more about Hardwicke 


capture.jpgWith possibly the dullest name on the internet, this free reference resource from the National Archives  will be useful for students or anyone wanting to check a piece of legislation.  Whilst not everyone will want to check out every law passed in the UK over the last 800 years or browse the 6.5 million PDF documents when you're looking for a particular piece of legislation (such as the Animal Welfare Act) you'll be able to find it easily and quickly.
Check it out at www.legislation.gov.uk

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UK: The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) job is to protect people against risks to health or safety arising out of work activities.  They do this through research, information and advice, promoting training, new or revised regulations and codes of practice, inspection, investigation and enforcement.

HSE Myth of the month

The Myth of the Month series ran from April 2007 to December 2010. Throughout this period, HSE attempted to dispel some of the most widely believed health and safety myths.

Get free leaflets from the HSE - Clear and simple advice on a range of health and safety issues

hse_logo.jpg Go to the HSE’s homepage


Safety Products new to the Market 
Riding Safely is always pleased to publicise new  products to the market that appear to be of merit with the potential to improve equestrian safety. Please see our important information.
eemail.gif If you have a new equestrian safety product that you would to be considered to be featured here for free, then please contact Riding Safely
phone.gif 07505 159979

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Safety issues being discussed through Forums...


Horse and Hound Forum Posted:  04-03-11 A Police Plea to Riders Hacking alone!


None currently identified


Defra/AHT/BEVA quarterly disease report

UK January 2011 – Lantra:  A Study into the Business and Skills Requirements of the UK Equine Industry.

Lantra conducted a survey of 421 UK equine businesses between February and April 2010. A supporting employee survey was undertaken from December 2009 to June 2010 which received 250 responses. Lantra report that "results from the survey are not robust but are powerful indicators of the opinions of equine industry employees".  The 112 page report contains considerable data and can be considered to be the latest up-to-date overview of the UK equine industry.

Read the Report

Lantra work with employers, trade associations, unions, learning and training providers, Governments and public agencies - to ensure the UK's  land-based and environmental industries have access to the skills and people they need.  Find out more



UK: DEFRA / AHT / BEVA Equine Quarterly Disease Surveillance Report - Volume 7, No.1: January – March 2011 (Latest)

Highlights in this issue:

  Surveillance of viral, bacterial and other causes of equine abortion in the United Kingdom: 2006-2011

  Equine Granulocytic Anaplasmosis: a tick-borne threat?


Strangles Campaign

Breaking the Strangles hold - Update

The ‘Breaking the Strangles Hold’ campaign has smashed its initial fundraising target of 250,000, demonstrating how important, to horse owners, getting to grips with this terrible disease is. Donations are still required and will help fund research for the point-of-care test.


The ‘Breaking the Strangles Hold’ was run by the Animal Health Trust and The British Horse Society. It aimed to raise 250,000 in order to produce a diagnostic blood test to screen for Strangles, and ultimately a vaccine to prevent horses contracting this dreadful disease. The campaign reached its financial target in two years. A blood test has been developed. Work still continues on a safe and effective vaccine.


Additional research has been funded by a number of bodies including HBLB, Welsh Pony and Cob Society, European Breeders Fund, Puffa, AHT US, Thoroughbred Breeders Association, Bransby Home of Rest for Horses, Mrs I J Gates Charity Fund, Stafford Trust, Geoffrey Serth Charitable Trust and the Elise Pilkington Trust.


For more information about Strangles and the campaign visit www.strangles.org


Check out the latest local, national and international weather forecasts from the Met Office


UK: Get detailed weather forecasts for where you live (by postcode)


Our Essentials pages are currently being updated, but once completed will provided essential health, safety and welfare information for:


  Horse Owners and Keepers




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