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Riding Safely

Riding Hats

New hat rule for Pony Club
The Pony Club has tightened its rules on riding hats to exclude hats which carry the CE symbol alone in an attempt to improve rider safety for its members.  (February 2004)

New high performance hat standard approved

A new British Standard has just been announced for high performance headgear, BSEN 14572:2005, although as yet no manufacturer is offering a hat to this standard.

This new high performance helmet standard will offer greater protection from side impacts and will be aimed at competition riders. Helmets in accordance with BSEN 14572:2005 are intended for use in high-risk activities, and not to supersede the current EN1384:1996 and BSEN1384:1997.

Source:  Horse & Hound Online - Holly Kirkwood (19 July 2005)  http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/397/66266.html


Hats save lives......
......but only if they're secured properly by the rider when they're used! 

Your Riding Hat needs you......
The protection offered by your riding hat may become seriously comprimised during summer weather.  Read the tip to find out what steps you can take to make sure it isn't......

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