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Riding Safely

Risk Register

RISK - the threat or probability that an action or event, will adversely or beneficially affect the horse industry’s ability to achieve its objectives

 This area is under development.  Its aim is to identify and provide mitigating or contingency actions to the UK's horse industry key risks.  Examples include: climate change, welfare, disease and legislative changes.  If you would like to contribute to the risk register please contact the Editor.

The Benefits of Risk Management


Fewer shocks and unwelcome surprises

Reassures stakeholders and governing bodies

Enables quick assessment and grasp of new opportunities

Supports strategic and business planning

Enhances communication between governing bodies, industry sectors and stakeholders

Supports the effective use of resources

Promotes continuous improvement

Helps to focus an audit programme

Ensures robust contingency planning

Improves ability to meet objectives and achieve opportunities.



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