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Safety Products in the marketplace...


Equi Ping


BETA International 2011 provided the perfect launch platform for newcomer, Equine Designs. Their product “Equi-Ping” is designed to offer a much safer alternative to baler twine when tying up horses. Winning a highly commended innovation award, the judges said We liked the way that the tension could be varied and the fact that it could be reused. This is a small device that could have a big impact on safety and security when tying up horses and ponies”. Riding Safety agrees and for us, this was the product of the show. Karen Roberts of Equine Designs told us “Over 10 months we’ve sold 45 000 Equi-Ping’s in 13 countries”. Visit www.equinedesigns.co.uk



Golly Galoshes  ...designed to be functional, safety comes as a bonus

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"Sensibly priced, practical idea with big bonuses in muddy weather.  A product that fulfils a real, rather than a perceived, need."  These were the comments from the judges of the 2009 BETA Innovation Awards for the award winner Golly Galoshes in the Saddlery and Tack category, among them Yogi Breisner and Pammy Hutton.  A triple-purpose quality British made product, Golly Galoshes are leg gaiters designed to keep boots and bandages clean and horses’ and ponies’ legs dry, clean and comfortable during work.  The hi-viz option also adds visibility when out hacking.  Other award categories included rider clothing, feed & supplements, horse care products & equipment, and safety & security.  Ken Law, Editor of Riding Safety said "For me, this was the product of the show.  I can see this as something that people will want to use to save time, with benefits to the horses and ponies wearing them.  Drivers will be alerted through the movement of the legs when the hi-viz gaiters are worn, making them part of overall hi-viz clothing for horse and rider."

More information from www.gollygaloshes.com


Girder Guard (November 2007)


Safety Products new to the Market 
Riding Safely is always pleased to publicise new  products to the market that appear to be of merit with the potential to improve equestrian safety. Please see our important information.
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