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Riding Safely

Tip of the Month - September/October 2004

September/October 2004
Hats save lives......
but only if they're secured properly by the rider when they're used!  Manufacturers of riding hats go to great trouble to design hats that offer a high level of protection to riders in the event of a blow to the head, which could come from a fall to the ground or a misplaced hoof!  Quite a number of tack shops now have staff of whom have been trained by BETA in hat fitting.  So the majority of riders probably have well fitting hats.  But in the event of a fall of some unexpected blow to the head, all of this effort may prove useless unless the hat is secured properly.  I've been prompted to raise this as recently I've seen children and teenagers riding with very loose chin straps.  One pony tripped in a menage and immediately and I saw the child's hat dip forward quite considerably and quite worryingly.
Please, Please, Please make sure that hats are secured properly.  If you're a parent make sure your child's hat is secured properly.  If you're unsure, then I'm sure that any BETA trained person will be happy to help you.  Remember hats save lives!
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