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News for July & August 2004

Due to summer holidays the News for July and August is amalgamated this month.......

The Promotion of Volunteering Bill fails to become law
The controversial Promotion of Volunteering Bill ran out of parliamentary time before a vote could be taken, and now goes back down the list of backbench measures, making it extremely unlikely to become law.  The British Horse Society asked members to urge their MPs to support the bill.
The bill aimed to introduce a "statement of inherent risk", which volunteers or voluntary organisations could ask the users of their services or activities to sign, to ensure that they "share responsibility for the safe conduct of the activity". The courts would have to take account of the agreement in any legal proceedings for negligence or breach of statutory duty.
But critics warned that the bill could do more harm than good because the "statement of inherent risk" could discourage volunteers by asking them to accept liability, encourage bad practice in risk assessment and generate a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork.
Read more in the Guardian Unlimited article
The "statement of inherent risk" is a hot topic in the horse industry  and Riding Safely will carry more about this important subject in fothcoming newsletters.

Tackling rising insurance costs for riding schools
July 15th saw a meeting between Alun Michael MP, Defra, the British Horse Society, the Association of British Riding Schools and representatives from the insurance industry to discuss the problem of rising insurance costs to riding schools.  A working party has been set up to find solutions focussed around risk management.  Read more about the meeting >>>

Stable fire claims four horses
Horse & Hound reported (17 June 2004) that four horses had died in a stable fire on the Wirral in the previous week.  At the time of writing the cause of the fire had not been ascertained, but it was believed that in the hot weather, with temperatures of 27C, the muckheap caught alight.  Sea breezes then spread the flames to the hay and stables.  The tragedy claimed not only the horses, but other buildings housing tack and horseboxes.


BETA's Body Protector Survey Continues......

If you own a body protector then BETA (the British Equestrian Trade Association) want to hear from you!  

BETA are currently conducting a survey to obtain information regarding the use and effectiveness of body protectors which in turn will be used to assist their continued development and promotion.

Help now by getting more details from BETA and take part in the survey


In another BETA led initative, BETA together with equestrian retailers and other equestrian businesses are looking at ways to encourage more people to take up riding.

Fireworks - RSPCA campaign update
"The government's new firework regulations came into force on 7 August this year, but the RSPCA is deeply disappointed that they do not go far enough. We (the RSPCA) are gathering evidence to prove that these regulations will do little to prevent animal distress and we need your help." 

and what's new on the site....

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Site Updates...... 
It's been around for a couple of years but have you read the Equine Industry Welfare Guidelines Compendium for Horses, Ponies and Donkeys?  Produced to promote sound welfare and management practices it contains recommendations to assist horse owners, keepers and others to achieve high standards of animal welfare.  Find out more about the Guidelines in "Waxed Jacket Corner" >>>

Tackling the Australian Horse Industry insurance crisis of 2002  

Were you aware that in 2002 many Australian riding establishments ceased trading because they could no longer get public liability insurance at an affordable price, if at all?

Riding Safely has been looking at the crisis that struck the Australian Horse Industry in 2002 and how it has recovered to where it is today in 2004.

The "For Businesses" section has been updated with information regarding the fundamental health & safety issues that affect the industry.

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