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News for November & December 2004

Fire advice for safer stables - a new book from the BHS
A new book from the BHS offers useful practical advice on how to reduce the risk of fire in a stable yard, plus what to do if fire does break out. 
Discounts available for BHS registered establishments.

Arson attack claims three 

FOUR youths between the ages of 16 and 19 have been arrested after three horses died in a fire at stables in Cheshire 

Source:  Horse & Hound 18 November 2004


Teenager charged with arson 

A16-year-old boy has been charged with starting a fire that caused the deaths of two Shetland ponies and a Thoroughbred/Connemara in Cheshire last month (news, 18 November), writes Rebecca Taylor. 

Source:  Horse & Hound 30 December 2004

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All Horse & Hound news items that are reproduced in this newsletter are done so with the permission of Horse & Hound.


In the last six months this brings the reported number of horses to have died in three separate stable fires to 10.  Two of these fires were apparently caused through arson. 


See  the September & October 2004 and July & August 2004 news archives for further details.


The Arson Prevention Beareau provides guidance on Reducing the risks of Arson attacks on Farms and the Countryside


In addidition the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has published Fire Safety - an Employer's Guide



Rider killed on Devon road 

THE untimely death of Rod Leight, 50, who died of severe head injuries sustained in a fall from a young horse on the road, has rocked the endurance world.

Source:  Horse & Hound 18 November 2004


Man dies out hunting 

FATHER-of-two Murray Stoddart, 60, of East Coker, Dorset, was killed in a hunting accident with the Cattistock at Eggardon Hill, Dorset, last Tuesday (9 November).  

Source:  Horse & Hound 18 November 2004

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Village gets low-flying ban


Military helicopters have been banned for five years from flying below 2,000ft over the Lincolnshire village where horse rider Heather Bell died in June last year.


THE MoD was due to hold a press briefing this week (23 December) in the wake of the coroner's report after the Heather Bell inquest.


North Yorkshire low-flying action group formed

A North Yorkshire rider has formed an action group in a bid to stop low-flying helicopters and jets spooking horses in the county.  

Source:  Horse & Hound 23 December 2004

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The importance of Wotsits......

With the Americanised "compensation culture" now truly embedded in British consciousness, health and safety in the equine industry has never been so important.

Read the Riding Safely article recently published in the September/October 2004 edition of the National Equine Student magazine.


New safety product on the market
Kelowna Equestrian describe their recently launched Ground Pole Holder (GPH)...
"The 'GPH' is designed to minimise the risk of working horses over poles and to provide you with a more convenient way of schooling horses on your own. The 'GPH' is made from durable plastic and is placed over each end of the pole. It is hollow and can be weighted with sand or water if required. If the pole is knocked or kicked, the 'GPH' allows a small amount of movement, so that the pole is not fixed and the horse will not trip, but it will prevent the pole from rolling away and remove the risk associated with this."
Looking Forward - Diary Dates
7 March 2005: BHS South West Proprietors Conference. Open to all BHS Approved and Non BHS Approved Riding Centres and Livery Yards. Talks on insurance, risk assessment, health and safety and more. To be held at East Huntspill Village Hall, Nr Bridgwater, Somerset. (approx 3 miles Junction 22 of M5). To cost BHS Proprietors & Staff 10, Non Approved BHS Proprietors & Staff 15. For further information contact Mrs Julie Garbutt, Tel: 01278 641758, email: J.Garbutt@bhs.org.uk
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BETA's Body Protector Survey Continues......

If you own a body protector then BETA (the British Equestrian Trade Association) want to hear from you!  

BETA are still conducting a survey to obtain information regarding the use and effectiveness of body protectors which in turn will be used to assist their continued development and promotion.

Help now by getting more details from BETA and take part in the survey


Responses to the BETA survey have already highlighted body protector issues - read the interim report from BETA


and what's new on the site....
Safety Tip.....
Do your risk assessments reflect seasonal variations?
It's a good time to check whether your risk assessments take into account the different seasonal weather conditions. 
Site Updates...... 
Waxed Jacket Corner has been improved to provide more in depth safety information for students or those who may need a broader picture of issues.

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